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Bringing mindful attention towards the "little" things you do in order for the big things to happen is an act of self awareness and the payout is substantial!

Think about how good it feels to be appreciated by someone else. Why is it that we wait for others to appreciate us? What happens when we take that matter into our hands...?

When we recognize our own efforts, we are more likely to continue to strive to maintain them.

This is one of those "secret keys to success"... Being a wellness coach, I will frame this within the context of a client following an established plan:

Doing things like:

1️⃣ Sticking to the plan (discipline)

2️⃣ Waking up early or staying up late to do what you need to achieve your goals (commitment) 3️⃣ Seeing it through till the end (dedication)

These actions may initially appear as a means to an end, and are considered things you "have" to do to achieve success with a program; however, recognizing that you are the one doing them gives you something to appreciate... as these tasks are not always easy to do.

So I'd like to take you through a short activity I have found to be very effective with my clients... Take some time to reflect on and answer these questions for yourself. They build upon each other:

  1. What aspects of your life are you working towards progressing?

2. What are you doing to achieve these milestones for yourself?

and lastly,

3. What attributes are you able to recognize within your actions that are supporting you in achieving these goals.

This practice will require you to recognize the powerful attributes of your self. Once you see them on paper (or screen), affirm them to yourself..

E.g. I am driven. I am dedicated. I am committed.

...and then take a moment to think about how you felt in that moment of affirmation.

When we think about these words, we have many associations that come up in our mind. Recognize the depth and value of these words. They are powerful. Some of you may even begin to picture something specific in your mind when thinking about them.

Now, accept them as a part of who you are.

You that recognized these attributes from your own actions! To realize that this is within your capacity is incredibly empowering.

Most people you encounter only see you as what you are in that moment and don't consider these things. So, although you may receive acknowledgement of your accomplishments from others, that acknowledgement doesn't hold a light to what appreciating yourself does, as that appreciation validates your experiences in a way that is meaningful and long lasting.

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