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The Top Five Mindfulness Destinations Around the World

We asked Crystal McCreary—a yoga and mindfulness educator who hosts self-care retreats across the globe—to name her five favorite destinations for experiencing mindfulness. Here's what she had to say.

1. Kenya 

The dramatically poetic circle of life on display in Kenya is a meditation on the fierce resilience of all the living things that thrive here: the people, the animals, and the vegetation.

2. Bali 

Teeming with vibrant life, Bali's glow and the natural high that alights visitors' awareness while on the island make evident that it is one of the Earth's chakras.

3. Morocco 

Majestic in scale and ancient in tradition, the heartening harmony of faiths and natural aesthetic design make Morocco a destination for reflecting on the dimensional elements that make us who we are.

4. Iceland 

The natural, geological wonder of Iceland reminds mindful travelers that we abide on a living, breathing, and powerfully transforming planetary body that deserves deep bows of gratitude and respect. (For more on meditating in Iceland, see page 79.)

5. Isla Holbox 

Tiny, tranquil and idyllic, this tropical beach respite's quiet, simple pleasures express the potency of practicing the pause.

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